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Slow-Express:Horse Drawn Caravan Journey through Europe

This website, about a horse drawn caravan, shows iq option binary options you how we, an ordinary couple, left their daily grind to embark on a horse driven caravan journey through Europe. We will share our joys, mistakes and our life lessons.

Three miles pro hour, step by step.

Horse Drawn Caravan Journey through Europe

We can actually see the grass grow.

The sweet smell of beautiful flowers, the sun shines.

What else do we want in life?

“Life is too beautiful to be limited in goals!”

A Dutch couple, travelling in a horse drawn caravan.

This is the website of John and Thea Verhoeckx

February 2007 we sold our house, gave a friendly goodbye to the boss and bought a draft horse carriage.

Now, this horse drawn caravan, named Slow Express, is our home

for the next years to come.

We’re travelling from the North Sea, without a goal, towards South-East Europe. Here you can find the background of our equestrian journey.

Our E-BOOK is ready! Enjoy our story for only 10 Dollar. It's easy.It's Digital With 10 dollar you help us to spread our passion, in the hope you will follow us!

We will cover all the important subjects. From the caravan techniques, till the all day chores and tasks. Especially expressing our wondering about what happens every day.


The stars of our journey obviously are our two Haflinger horses. Without them we do not have a journey. Therefore, the credits are for them.

Let us introduce the two ladies! Aysha a 12-year-old mare, born in Austria and a perfect example of her breed “the Austrian Haflinger”. Aysha works hard and always react to the driver. Isabella is her 7 years old daughter. Part Haflinger and part Noriker. Young and a bit naughty, inexperienced to pull a Caravan. No problem we will have plenty of time to cover that!

Last but not least

Finally, yet importantly, Viënna a parcel Jack Russell, from the tip of her ears until the top of her tale. Always jumping around us, digging for mousses and never wins!

This site is constantly changing, so return regularly! It’s just like real life.

It won’t be a day-to-day diary but more of a report of our impressions that we walk into. We both like to write and try to do so in turns, or when one of us has inspiration. Famous words on the Slow Express horse drawn caravan are:

“This is something funny for the website!".

Visit our Dutch speaking website about our journey.

Sponsors of Slow Express Journey:

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Aim of this website is not to tell you "how we build

a website". However the way we did it, is

a story on his own.

SBI! Proof

Horse Drawn Caravan Journey through Europe
Horse Drawn Caravan Journey, from North Sea until the East of Europe. With two Haflinger horses, with short story's about horse drawn carriage driving.

Living your Dream
Living your dream is possible. What else do we want in life? We changed it and travelling now with a Horse-drawn carriage.

Travel with a horse
Travel with a Horse is a challenge not to compare with anything else. To work with horses is like looking in a mirror. To live with horses is be part off a hurdle.

Poisonous Trees and Plants Can be Dangerous to Your Horses
Poisonous trees and plants, caution needed! When clearing ground for an equestrian facility site in a wooded area,care must be taken to eliminate poisonous plants.

To buy an Carriage Antique wagon
To find a Carriage Antique Wagon for our Journey wasn’t that easy. Finally found one, it did not come up to our expectations.

Minimalist lifestyle, the way we live up to it
Definition of minimalist lifestyle when you live in a horse drawn carriage wagon.

Journey without Maps, a challenge on our rolling journey
Journey without Maps and still not get frustrated. How to travel with just a goal and hold to it in a hectic world can be hard work.

Life changing questions come up at this extremely exciting journey.
The sun is shining. Life changing questions came up, after a exceptional encounter.

Life Changing Secret about Hospitality. The places we stay.
Life Changing Secret about Hospitality. The places we stay. Exploring what we see

The Media Carriage is traveling with us from North Sea till Black sea.
The Media Carriage is traveling with us. Reporting about the horse drawn carriage wagon.

Self Fulfillment to a freedom lifestyle
Self Fulfillment and how we live this freedom lifestyle

Our RV lifestyle Attract Many People. Here are the FAQ
Our RV Lifestyle attract many people with a lot of questions. Most funny one? Where do you leave the horses when you travel??!!!

Horse and Carriage Driving Video, the first steps on video
Horse and Carriage Driving Video. The first steps, the odd things we run into, and our horses at work.

Horse Drawn Caravan Journey 2007
Horse Drawn Caravan Journey 2007 A day by day overview

Maps: where are we? Horse driven caravan journey through Europe
Maps and story's, almost day to day to follow a couple on their horse driven journey through Europe

Our outdoor camping supplies and equipment knowledge
What about outdoor camping supplies when we travel with our horse drawn caravan. We know all about it.

Carriage Harness and other Equestrian Equipment
Info about carriage harness we use on our horse drawn caravan journey through Europe

Break Out of your routine: horse drawn carriage story!
Break Out. Horse drawn wagon story in this ebook about a freedom lifestyle journey through Europe. Free download after (any) donation....Support our site

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sitemap Horse Drawn Caravan Journey through Europe
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Helpfull page with horse drawn lifestyle ebooks, articles, websites and much more.

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